Spot Miscellaneous

Slippage Tolerance

When buying an offer, you will see a field titled “Slippage”. This is NOT because the price will slip when you make a purchase, it is simply to account for any potential fluctuation in the Oracle price that may take place while your purchase is still processing/confirming.

Note that the probability of this happening is low but it is possible, therefore, the slippage field enables you to avoid potential trade failure by saying: “If the Oracle price changes before my transaction becomes final, I am still happy to proceed as long as it does not change by more then X%”.

USD Price Quotes

Within the interface, you will often notice an asset's price is quoted in USD rather than USDC, USDT or DAI. This is because the price data comes from ChainLink Oracles and they quote prices in USD rather than stablecoins.

You can learn more about Oracle price data here.

Custom tokens

When selecting a pair that you wish to create a trade offer for, you may notice a selection titled “Other”. By choosing “Other”, you can input the contract address of a token that has not been logged into the system before.

Take note that there will be no Oracle support for this custom token, but, if you believe Oracle price data is available for this token, please write to us in Telegram and we will ensure the system is updated to fetch the Oracle price data for the token you have added.

If you have not found what you are looking for in these Smart Trade sections, be sure to read through the sections under the Miscellaneous heading towards the bottom of this Knowledge Base.

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