MetaMask Troubleshooting

MetaMask can be temperamental, therefore if you are having any trouble, it could well be a MetaMask issue rather than something going wrong with Eve Exchange.

Below we provide a few reminders and suggestions to help you deal with challenges which may arise when using Eve Exchange with MetaMask.

Patience is Key

Once you have followed the steps in MetaMask to confirm the “Contract Interaction”, it may take a few moments for Eve to detect your trade so please be patient. If your trade fails, there could be multiple reasons, please keep reading for the most common ones.

Polygon RPC

Before you do anything else, if you are having trouble with MetaMask on the Polygon network, consider using instead of the standard RPC. Trades Are Not Appearing

To avoid potential issues, we have to wait for the trade to have 20+ block confirmations before listing it on the interface, so if your trade doesn't appear right away just check back in a minute or so and it should be there. Slow Transactions

Sometimes, especially if the network is congested, transactions are slow. To solve this, simply increase your gas fee to the maximum level - it should go through faster. Transaction Failure

More often than not, this is a Polygon issue, or it could be MetaMask. Try cancelling the transaction in MetaMask, and if it doesn't cancel right give it a few moments. Eventually, it will become a failed transaction and you should be able to start again. "Transaction Likely To Fail"

If you see this message in MetaMask, something is wrong. It could be that you don't have enough tokens, the Eve protocol does not have enough tokens to sell you, or a multitude of other possibilities. When you see this message, do not proceed, simply wait and try again. If the problem persists, consider removing the MetaMask extension and reinstalling it.

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