Eve Lifetime NFTs

Zero-fee Trading For Life

100 exclusive Eve NFTs are currently held by esteemed community members. These NFTs offer an opportunity to access the same privileges as a subscription, but without incurring any subscription fees.

Activation of the NFT benefits is seamless – holders need only have their NFT present in the wallet they are trading from. Our system will detect the NFT and extend the same privileges as a subscribed user.

For your security and peace of mind, it's important to remain cautious of counterfeit NFTs or purchasing NFTs directly from community members without employing a reputable NFT marketplace or the services of a trustworthy escrow facility. If presented with the opportunity to acquire an NFT from one of our community members, we would be delighted to act as an escrow, ensuring a secure transaction process without any commission charged.

To validate the authenticity of an NFT you're considering acquiring, ensure that it originates from this smart contract.

This verification measure guarantees that you're accessing the genuine benefits associated with our exclusive Eve NFTs.

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