Subscriptions & Fees

We're excited to offer users the opportunity for ZERO FEE trading through our subscription service.
Subscribing is simple and exclusively payable with EVE, our native token. Notably, all tokens received through these subscriptions are permanently burned, benefiting the entire community.
There are two subscription options available:
  1. 1.
    30-day Subscription: Priced at $20 in EVE, this equates to a mere $0.66 per day.
  2. 2.
    360-day Subscription: Priced at $180 in EVE, this option offers exceptional value at $0.5 per day, presenting a 25% saving compared to daily subscriptions.
Subscribers, please take into account the following important information:

Resubscription and Plan Overwriting

If you choose to resubscribe while your current plan is still active, the new subscription will overwrite the existing plan - this entails the loss of any remaining days on your current plan, as days do not accumulate.

Single Wallet Subscription

Subscriptions are specifically associated with the wallet from which you subscribe - you cannot extend the benefits of a single subscription across multiple wallets.

Network Fees

Subscribers will continue to incur network fees, payable in MATIC.
As an alternative avenue to eliminating fees, we offer a limited collection of NFTs. These NFTs provide an avenue to fee-free trading without requiring a subscription. To delve deeper into our NFT offerings, please proceed to the subsequent section.

Subscription Pricing and Pro Tip

The amount of EVE you pay for a subscription is based on the dollar value at the time you make payment, therefore, it would be advisable to buy EVE when it's low and pay for a subscription when it's high in order to maximise value for money.

Standard Fee Schedule

For users who choose not to subscribe, standard trading fees are applicable. Our fee breakdown is as follows:
Side & Stage
Fee Asset
Smart Trades
Not applicable
Smart Trades
Base asset
Options Trade
Maker (Premium)
Options Trade
Taker (Premium)
Not applicable
Options Trade
Maker (Settlement)
Not applicable
Options Trade
Taker (Settlement)
Underlying asset (Call option). Stablecoin (Put option).
Take note trading fees are distinctive from network fees which are paid in MATIC to the Polygon network.