Native Token (EVE)

EVE Token (ticker: EVE) is an ERC20 token minted on Ethereum with a total supply of 100 million tokens. To ensure cost-effectiveness, all circulating tokens are bridged to Polygon.

Subscriptions and Fee Elimination

The primary use case of EVE is for subscription payments on Eve Exchange, where users can enjoy ZERO FEE trading. Subscriptions are exclusively payable with EVE, and all tokens received from these payments are burned. Check how much you can save by subscribing!

Alternatively, a limited number of NFTs are available to eliminate fees without paying for a subscription. For more information about our NFTs, go here.

Staking for APY

EVE holders have the opportunity to stake their tokens and earn an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 20%.

The staking conditions are as follows:

  • Minimum deposit: None

  • Minimum lock time: None

  • Reward frequency: Credited minute-by-minute

Please note that APY and staking conditions are subject to change at any time. To start staking, use MetaMask and begin earning rewards.

EVE Supply & Distribution

  • Total supply: 100,000,000

  • Total in circulation: 49,500,000

  • Total burned: 500,000 (last updated August 15, 2023)

Before burning tokens, we bridge them back to Ethereum to ensure an accurate representation of the circulating supply on Polygon.

Polygon contract address: 0xaE29AC47A9E3b0a52840E547aDf74B912999F7fc Ethereum contract address: 0x0f628641d0ea1ecab9341e58d4982c0018a51c6b

Verify the circulating supply on Polygonscan and the total supply on Etherscan. Additionally, view all burned tokens on TrustSwap.

Trading Venues

EVE is available on various trading platforms:

  • Eve Exchange: Offering the most variety of pairs and best price execution.

  • MEXC Global: Trading against USDT with market making provided by GSR Markets. Use this link for discounted fees.

  • Uniswap V3: EVE is supported across multiple price ranges.

Please exercise caution when using other DEX pairings created by community members. Always verify the contract address and pool liquidity to avoid scams or poor price efficiency.

For a complete list of official project links, go here.

Stay informed, stay secure, and explore the possibilities with EVE Token on Eve Exchange.

Disclaimer: The $EVE token (EVE, or EVE Token), issued by Eve Exchange, offers interface/protocol discounts. Eve Exchange may partner with projects using the $EVE token, brand, or technology but has no direct relationship beyond the licensing agreement.

$EVE tokens are not shares or securities and have no approved function outside the Eve Ecosystem. The utility of EVE is subject to change.

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